Month: April 2015

Starting out to a slow start


It has been quite a while since I last posted anything here, and I have to say my talents as an administrator are virtually non-existent.
After I thought I had all my cues properly uploaded to the fantastic music licensing companies that were gracious enough to accept my music, I waited.

It wasn’t until 7 months later I figured “I can’t suck so bad that I am not getting any love from these guys” did I realize the errors of my above mentioned non-existent administrative skills, that I hadn’t pulled the trigger to upload my stuff. My Homer Simpson moment DOH!

In the meantime, I have licensed a few tunes and one of them has been licensed twice already.

Had a nice note from Robert Shafer-Actor on NBC’s “The Office” who Licensed a country tune from me.
He is working on an Indie Film called “THEY WANT DICK DIXTER!” about a hack horror film director who is forced to direct porn. That’s pretty funny to me, and I am flattered he would license my work.
I would certainly love to score something for him.

That’s about it for now. I hit the studio nearly every day, and work until I start making stupid mistakes.
But in the words of George Patton, God help me I love it.